Chloe (voice of Drew Barrymore) is a pampered Beverly Hills Chihuahua whose guardian, Vivien (Jamie Lee Curtis), dresses her up in outrageous outfits and treats her only to the finest cuisine. When Papi (voice by George Lopez), Sam (Manolo Cardona) the landscape gardener's dog, falls madly in love with her, she is too self-absorbed to take notice. When Vivien goes to Europe on a business trip, Chloe is handed over to Rachel (Piper Perabo), Vivien's niece. She has little patience with the dog's quirky ways. On a spontaneous trip to Mexico with two girlfriends, Rachel loses track of Chloe who is kidnapped by some criminals who run dog fights. She escapes from their kennel but now must experience the harsh life on the other side of the tracks. Luckily, she finds a protector and friend in Delgado (Andy Garcia), a former police dog who has lost his sense of smell. On the road, they pick up three other allies and visit a lost kingdom.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua is directed by Raja Gosnell and will appeal to those who adore dogs and are seeking escapist entertainment. The movie has several appealing scenes of romantic love revolving around Papi and a heart-warming unfolding of the friendship between Chloe and Delgado. Overall, the film is very clever and most entertaining.

Special DVD features include an audio commentary by director Raja Gosnell, deleted scenes introduced by the director, a blooper reel, and an animated short "The Legend of the Chihuahua."