Stephane (Romain Duris), a Parisian, travels to Romania in search of a gypsy singer who was treasured by his deceased father. He is taken in and treated like a son by Izidor (Isidor Serban), the head of a small gypsy community. This Zorba-the-Greek-like elder is a musician with a real zest for life. He takes Stephane along with him when he plays at various gatherings and celebrations.

Soon the "crazy outsider," as he is called, falls in love with Sabina (Rona Hartner), a free-spirited dancer who has left her husband. Then Stephane witnesses first-hand the violence of Romanians when they express the full force of their fury against the gypsy community.

Gadjo Dilo is the last in a trilogy of films (The Princes, Latcho Drom) by Tony Gatlif about gypsy culture. This is a cross-cultural gem with insights into the rituals, music, and dance of these vagabonds. The film is also a wonderful study of the spiritual practice of hospitality. Izidor gives Stephane the space he needs to find what he is looking for in the music and in his relationship with Sabina.