In the long ago age of chivalry, knights lived by a moral code comprised of bravery, courtesy, and honor; they also displayed skill in battle. One of their most distinguishing qualities was gallantry towards women who were held in high esteem and needed to be protected. In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Edward (Robert Pattinson), a vampire, is willing to take extreme measures to insure the safety of the young woman he loves. Although she experiences deep pain as a result of his decision to leave her, Bella (Kristen Stewart) comes to understand and admire his courage and willingness to sacrifice. In Eclipse, they are back together in the Washington State small town of Forks, and their romance is both deepened and challenged.

Bella has decided that she wants to be with Edward forever in the world of the undead. But he is only willing to change her into a vampire if she will first marry him. When she wants to have sex, he refuses, saying they should wait until they are married. It is these attitudes as well as a few others that enable us to see Edward as a modern knight with character qualities in short supply in the world around him.

In Seattle, a violent pack of vampires called "newborns" are terrorizing the city with a spree of killings. Their leader, Riley (Xavier Samuel) is egged on by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard), a vampire who is seeking revenge upon Edward's family for the death of her partner. When the pack heads towards Fork, the family makes preparations to protect both the town and Bella.

For help, they turn to some unlikely allies, a pack of werewolves, who are natural enemies of vampires. But one of the pack is Bella's friend Jake (Taylor Lautner), and he overcomes his disgust for Edward when he realizes her life is truly in danger. He also has his own hopes that he can make Bella admit her love for him and even to choose him over Edward. As the battle with the newborns approaches, everyone in this love triangle has to come to terms with and express his/her feelings. Will Bella choose the warm and sensuous world of the wolves or does she truly love Edward more?

Eclipse is the third film in a series based on Stephanie Meyer's novels which have a huge and loyal audience. This romantic drama directed by David Slade enables us to explore further into the moral and spiritual questions involved in the love affair between Edward and Bella. His incarnation of the principles and ideals of a knight make him even more appealing, and Bella's struggle to let Jake down easy without losing him as a friend is depicted with authenticity. For those in the audience not used to such an intense focus on matters of the heart, the battle between the newborns and Edward's coalition of vampires and werewolves offers a savage clash of high energy forces.

Special include two audio commentaries with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart and Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey; 6-part making-of documentary; deleted and extended scenes; photo gallery; Watch your favorite scenes over and over in Edward fast forward and Jacob fast forward; music videos.