Jorge (Jorge Machado), a Mexican, and Roberta (Roberta Palombini), an Italian, have been separated for several years. She is raising Natan, their five-year-old son, and has agreed to let the boy visit his father in a small Mexican fishing village. Jorge feels very close to his son and his nurturing side comes to the fore on the trip home when Natan gets sea-sick. He tenderly cradles the boy in his arms as they pass through the turquoise waters.

Jorge lives with Matraca (Nestor Marin) in a small house perched over the water. He calls the old man "father" even though they are not biologically related. Together they want to share their daily lives as fishermen with their young visitor. Jorge shows Natan the correct way to reel in a variety of fish of all different sizes, how to snorkel, and how to make the most of the precious creatures and plants of the coral reef. His father and Matraca are excellent spear fisherman.

During his stay with his father, the boy relishes sleeping in hammocks, drinking heavy duty coffee, and eating meals consisting of the catch of the day. Jorge is happy to pass on to Natan the joy and contentment he has for this simple life in the natural world, free from the pressures and clamor of cities. He and his son bond in their playful relationship with a white cattle egret they name Blanquita. Natan looks forward each day to her visits and feedings. But then she mysteriously vanishes, and he is distraught. It is lesson that must be learned about loss and impermanence. Jorge is there to comfort him and to pass on other lessons about living in sync with the environment and immersing yourself totally in the small tasks which are the essence of everyday life.

This story was filmed in Banco Chinchorro, which was declared in 1996 a Natural Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO, and serious efforts are being made to make it a World Heritage Site. It is home to thousands of different species and the biggest coral reef extension in Mexico. Writer, editor, and director Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio states: "By photographing and developing a story based on the current relation between man and his habitat in Chinchorro, I intend to portray my love for this region and the admiration and respect I have towards the lives of its fishermen."

On another level, Gonzalez-Rubio's film is an extraordinary portrait of a positive and meaningful father-son relationship that touches the heart. Jorge teaches Natan about the beauties and the bounties of the natural world and the abundant pleasures of a simple life. The most poignant legacy father passes on to son is that it is good to be alive. It is a message every boy needs to see in the life and in the love of his father.

The DVD includes the short film Take It Easy by Cesar Diaz Melendez.