It is delightful to watch the enthusiasm and passion actor John Turturro has for the city of Naples and the music that has blossomed here. Both are on ample display in this sensuous documentary. We are treated to a multidimensional overview of the city with its streets, squares, and alleyways. Is it possible to love a city? Yes, and Turturro shows us the way. It's not long before we are caught up in this musical adventure and entranced by the beauty of Naples and the emotional undertow of the music.

The 23 songs reflect the ethnic diversity of Naples; they range from love songs to ballads about betrayal and loss as well as a few political pieces. John Turturro comments on the passion of Neapolitan music and showcases this quality in some very sensual numbers, one of which has incredible women dancers gyrating from balconies on different floors of a building. Other musical numbers are performed as mini-dramas taking place in the streets of the city.

Director John Turturro describes Passione as "a musical adventure that comes directly out of the people and the volcanic land they inhabit. Conjuring ancient stories and myths that still live — of love, sex, jealousy, and social protest — each song is a small screenplay, an emotional postcard. I tried to see if I could understand in a small way, a little bit of the soul of the city, while at the same time killing clich├ęs about it. There are places you go and once is enough. Then, there's Napoli."

Pack your bags, folks, and create your own adventure in Naples.