"True spiritual experiences," according to Robert Sardello, "do not come about by dulling the senses, but through a strengthening of the senses." Yet, by and large, most of us go through life taking sight, smell, touch, hearing, and tasting for granted. The senses are our links to the world around us. And even more importantly, they are the ties that bind us to those we love. This engaging and tightly constructed drama explores the role of the senses in the lives of a group of Canadians.

Ruth (Gabrielle Rose), a massage therapist, is doing a session with Anna Miller (Molly Parker). While they finish up, her adolescent daughter Rachel (Nadia Litz) takes the client's preschool daughter for a walk in the park. The child disappears when Rachel follows a necking couple into the woods. The search for the missing girl forms the backdrop for the rest of the unfolding drama. Ruth, knowing she must find a new way to touch Anna's pain, tries to befriend her. Meanwhile, the discombobulated Rachel meets Rupert (Brendan Fletcher), a young man who shares her voyeuristic tendencies.

Robert (Daniel MacIvor) is a professional housecleaner who has been unlucky in his romantic relationships. He has a highly developed sense of smell and believes he can sniff out love when it comes. And so Robert contacts all those he has dated to find the right one.

One of his friends is Rona (Mary-Louise Parker), a cake decorator without a sense of taste. She is trying to deal with Roberto (Marco Leonardi), a chef who has followed her back from Italy where they had an affair. But Rona suspects that he is not really loyal to her.

Richard (Philippe Volter) is a middle-aged French eye doctor who is losing his hearing. He decides to build a "sound library" of aural memories. In order to assuage his loneliness and isolation he meets with Gail (Pascale Bussieres), an escort who is sympathetic to his plight.

Canadian writer and director Jeremy Podeswa has created a beguiling film that takes us on a guided tour of the senses. After experiencing this journey you'll have a deeper appreciation for the sense-luscious world.