Spunk and sass are the engines driving this comedy celebrating the nurturance of female independence. Writer and director Sarah Kernochan has set the drama in the early 1960s at Miss Goddard's School for Girls. In order to keep her away from her lusty boyfriend, Ondine's (Gaby Hoffmann) parents send her from Detroit to this posh East Coast boarding school.

When the financially hemorrhaging school is threatened with annexation to a boy's academy, Ondine joins a rebellion led by Verena (Kirsten Dunst), the head of a secret club consisting of sexy Tinka (Monica Kenna), food-obsessed Tweety (Heather Matarazzo), and brainy Mona (Merritt Wever). The girls also have to deal with the stern headmistress (Lynn Redgrave), a tyrannical hall monitor (Rachel Leigh Cook), and a disreputable male teacher (Robert Bockstael).

The ensemble performances by the cabal of clever girls keep this comedy humming along with a nice blend of pranks and poignant moments. All I Wanna Do salutes the challenge of bright young women to take control of their own destinies.