Amy (Melanie Lynskey) is an unhappy thirtysomething who is going through a bad time — after a divorce, she is forced to return home to live. When she refuses to leave the premises for three months, her mother Ruth (Blythe Danner) grows more critical than ever while her father Stan (John Rubenstein) is involved in a time consuming deal that will enable him to retire. Amy doesn't get much sympathy from her brother (Daniel Eric Gold), a lawyer who has always been the over-achiever in the family.

At a tedious dinner party, she meets Jeremy (Christopher Abbott), a 19 year old who connects with her. Will he be able to pull her out of her rut? They begin a romantic relationship which Amy tries to conceal from her parents. The vast difference in age bothers her but does not seem to be a problem for him. A bizarre roadblock appears when it gets out that Jeremy's therapist mother (Julie White) thinks he might be gay.

Hello I Must Be Going is directed by Todd Louiso whose film Love Liza was also about a person stuck and unable to move on with life. Watching Amy squirm around in her self-imposed imprisonment is at times quite uncomfortable but we are all familiar with how difficult it is to let go of the past and the stories we have told about ourselves. Her path to new possibilities is a pleasure to watch.