This fascinating documentary directed by Burt Sun and Andre Costantini focuses on Bel Borba, an incredibly energetic and creative street artist from Salvador, the third largest city in Brazil. Since the late 1970s, he has used streets, walls of buildings, plazas, and beaches as canvases for his idiosyncratic art. He incorporates found materials such as wood, bottles, metal bits , tiles, and other thrown away objects.

Borba models an enthusiasm for the beauty, meaning, and pulsating life of the city which is rare among most modern artists. He is also a great believer in having members of the neighborhoods help make his street art.

This artist picks up the energy and rhythms of a place and then works with his instinct and intuition to spontaneously create something new and different to draw out the drama, color, excitement, and diversity of urban living.

Where and When?