Here is a slice of life in contemporary America demonstrating the full sweep and devastating impact of organized crime. Only this time, it is the Chicago City Housing Authority that is the perpetrator of the evil deed. In 1995, demolition began at Cabrini Green, a high-rise public housing development built during World War II. The city promised residents that they would be able to afford the new housing being built.

In this documentary, directed by Ronit Bezalel, we see the rebellion of some of Cabrini Green's 10,000 inhabitants to the idea of relocation. Of course, it is very clear to them that they are being lied to and manipulated — treated as "undesirable" for the new mixed-income houses going up around them. In various interviews with African Americans who live in Cabrini Green along with a local barber, we see the sorrow and anger they have about the loss of their community. None of this matters to the greedy developers who are ready to reap millions of dollars of profit on their deals in these 71 acres of prime real estate.

Such crimes against the poor are being enacted all across America. Thank goodness Voices of Cabrini is available to report the crime and document it for all to see.

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