Welcome to the modern dating game where Internet sites open up new possibilities for those unwilling to face another Saturday night alone. Megan (Analeigh Tipton) has been hiding out since she broke up with her high school and college boyfriend. Her roommate Faiza (Jessica Szohr) orders her to get herself together and have some fun.

For the first time in her life, Megan uses an online dating service. She chooses to get in touch with Alec (Miles Teller), who turns out to be a friendly banker who lives in Brooklyn. Meeting face to face, they struggle to keep up an awkward conversation. Eventually they have sex but it is not enough to keep Megan from attempting an early morning escape. But there's a problem. A freak winter blizzard has made it impossible for her to get out of the building.

Alec, feeling used and dissed, becomes very critical of her and they begin trading nasty comments. When all else fails, Alec suggests some marijuana and things loosen up considerably between them. He then comes up with a project that he hopes will help both of them in future relationships; they will give each other sex advice so that they can improve their approaches and find the true intimacy they are both seeking.

Max Nichols directs this romantic comedy written by Mark Hammer. Megan and Alec take a long time to express the loneliness, disappointment, and anger they feel. These emotions surface and are magically wiped away momentarily by their special project. Just like the Baby Boomers who preceded them, these two Millennials reach out in the darkness and hope that sexual intimacy will solve all that troubles them.