"Trifles light as air
are to the jealous confirmations strong."

— William Shakespeare's Othello

There those who view jealousy as evidence of love, and there are others who see it as a sign of personal insecurity and stunted relationship skills. Since all of us have experienced this emotion at one time or another, we can identify with Charlie (Matt LeBlanc), a successful grade school principal who has the habit of becoming psychotic after falling madly in love. He has ruined many romantic relationships in the past. Now his best friend (Adam Rodrigues) stands helplessly on the sidelines as he watches Charlie being swept off his feet by Molly (Ali Larter). She's a dancer with a nephew at Charlie's school. She takes a shine to this congenial man with a shy smile on his face.

The odd thing about Charlie's jealousy is that he seems to get caught up in the game of proving that Molly is betraying him. Every little thing that happens feeds into his imagination's scenarios about what could be happening. This leads to several very silly and funny scenes which are pulled off nicely by Mart LeBlanc.

This very entertaining romantic comedy is directed by Luke Matheny. The screenplay by Dean Young makes the point that jealousy is the by-product of the breakdown in belief in another human being. That is a sad thing to see happen in a pretty place such as Italy where Charlie follows the clues he thinks will lead him to exposing Molly's affair with Dr. Oz.

Boris Sokoloff has wisely noted: "Jealousy is an enigma, the least known of all the human emotions, the least spoken of human reactions." Even though Lovesick only gives us a glimpse of what animates a man to give in to this state of feeling, it does so with humility and a certain acceptance of its own modest insights.