Mina (Negin Farsad) is a neuroscientist who has just hit it big with her TED Talk, and Rudy (Jeremy Redleaf) develops software. They live on the Lower East Side and are true techies whose lives are organized around smartphones, texts, Netflix, and a variety of other screens. Their relationship is built upon their mutual attraction to their technological toys. Their constant chitchat that makes them sound like two people who are deeply frightened of silence. In addition, their own idiosyncratic "rap battles" are neither entertaining nor funny.

When hurricane Sandy hits New York City, Mina and Rudy suffer mightily as power goes out for several days. Even worse, Mina goes to bed with another man, thus threatening her relationship with Rudy.

This lame romantic comedy is written, directed, and acted by Negin Farsad and Jeremy Redleaf. 3rd Street Blackout is an example of how even "indies" can succumb to the errors and disappointments of vanity productions. It is very hard to identify with this self-obsessed couple and totally impossible to enjoy the antics of their small circle of friends!