Josh (David Wenham) is an Australian wildlife photographer who's ready to return to London when he meets Cin (Susie Porter), a dressmaker, at a party. They share a cab ride and she invites him up to her small apartment. After a lively night of lovemaking, Josh doesn't want to leave. They enthusiastically give themselves over to the desires of the flesh, allowing a certain playfulness into their intimacy. They draw especially close when their bodies and minds are moving in sync with each other. The main interruption comes when Sam (Catherine McClements), Cin's best friend, drops by for a visit and flirts with Josh.

First time writer and director Jonathan Teplitzky sees in the three-day romantic fling between these two hints and glimmers of the ways modern men and women relate to each other in and out of the bed. Both Josh and Cin speak directly to the camera about their impressions of each other. To amplify these feelings, Teplitzky also includes a chorus of friends voicing their opinions about dating, sex, relationships, and commitment. The best of these is a larky female taxi driver (Kris McQuade) who sees herself as a matchmaker for Josh and Cin.

Better Than Sex is an irresistible Australian romantic comedy that celebrates the life-affirming magic of sexual pleasure.

Where and When?