In this very intense psychological thriller, Demi Moore plays Annie, a sculptor and single parent whose life is shredded when she begins serving on a jury for a murder case involving a mobster.

A freelance killer and criminal called "The Teacher" (Alec Baldwin in a stunning performance) gains access to her house, bugs her phones, and then poses as a rich art dealer who wants to sell her work abroad. It is a triple violation — of her privacy, of her integrity as an artist, and of her hopes for the future.

The Teacher, who spouts Taoist philosophy, plays Annie like a musical instrument before informing her that unless she convinces the jury to acquit the mobster, her twelve-year-old son will die. Ted Tally ("The Silence of the Lambs") has adapted George Dawes Green's novel for the screen with all its suspense intact. Facing such an invidious and formidable enemy, Annie is forced to come up with some creative strategies of her own.This riveting work is directed by Brian Gibson.