Mel Gibson stars as a 1939 test pilot who volunteers for a top-secret cryogenics experiment rather than watch the love of his life, Helen (Isabel Glasser), die in a coma as a result of an accident.

The experiment goes awry, and Daniel wakes up in 1992. Trying to locate the scientist (George Wendt) behind the project, he is befriended by a fatherless boy (Elijah Wood) and the boy's mother, a nurse (Jamie Lee Curtis).

The screenplay by Jeffrey Abrams (Regarding Henry) zeroes in on Daniel's regret that he never found the right time or words to ask Helen to marry him. It points out the anguish of not being able to share the experiences of our life with someone we love.

And the film provides a meditation on the truth that, in the words of Pablo Casals, "As long as one can admire and love, then one in young forever."