In Traveller Bill Paxton plays Bokky, an Irish-American drifter who belongs to a tightly knit clan of con men. The Travellers are vagabonds who live by their wits and divide the world into "us" and "them." They travel the highways to small towns where they con individuals out of their money with roof fixing and asphalt sealing scams.

After the death of his father who was cast out of the clan for marrying an outsider, Pat O'Hara (Mark Wahlberg) is given a chance to prove himself as a Traveller by going on the road with Bokky. They successfully con Jean (Julianna Margulies), a single parent bartender, out of her hard-earned money. However, Bokky gives her back her cash after falling in love with her. In order to get the money she needs for an operation on one of her children, he joins Pat and Double D (James Gammon), a wheeler dealer, in one last scam involving a mobster.

Jack Green, Clint Eastwood's longtime cinematographer, does a fine job directing this slice-of-life drama about Travellers. Bokky's love for Jean compels him to cast aside all else that is near and dear to him.