In The Last Supper, a group of five smug Iowa grad students are enjoying their weekly Sunday dinner when they are shocked by a guest who is a redneck Gulf War vet (Bill Paxton). This racist spews out his hatred at his liberal hosts. During a scuffle, he is knifed in the back.

After burying him in the backyard, the group decides to embark on a crusade to rid the world of right-wing bigots who promote violence against homosexuals, abortionists, and card-carrying civil libertarians.

In her debut as a director, Stacy Title has assembled a lively cast of characters (Jonathan Penner, Cameron Diaz, Ron Eldard, Annabeth Gish, and Courtney B. Vance). This zestful black comedy reveals the moral emptiness of all politically activated violence. The surprise ending will leave you pondering the chameleon-like qualities of evil.