Do opposites attract? Can someone really fall in love with another on first sight? Can a long-term marriage — even a troubled one — find the deep waters of renewal? All of these questions are explored in the lighthearted comedy, Hotel de Love, an Australian movie written and directed by Craig Rosenberg.

Seventeen-year-old Stephen (Simon Bossell) is swept off his feet by the beauty of Melissa (Saffron Burrows) but his fraternal twin Rick (Aden Young) wins her heart in a brief affair. Ten years later Melissa, now a philosophy professor, is visiting Hotel de Love, a honeymoon spot where Rick is manager.

Ready to marry, she suddenly finds herself besieged by the two romantic brothers. Meanwhile their unhappily married parents (Julia Blake and Ray Barrett) are ready to renew their marriage vows. Also in search of love is Alison (Pippa Grandison), a fortune teller who doesn't have a clue to what she wants in a relationship.

This entertaining story's best quality is its buoyancy. There's plenty of fizz in the romantic reversals which take place in the film's funny and fetching finale.