Fierce Creatures is a hilarious comedy featuring the same cast that made the 1988 film A Fish Called Wanda such a smashing success. The screenplay by John Cleese and Iain Johnstone savages the heartlessness of global corporation wheeling and dealing. Rod McCain, the head of an empire of companies, has chosen Rollo Lee, a former Hong Kong policeman, to turn Marwood Zoo in England into a profitable venture. The gamekeepers are shocked when their new boss decides to only feature "fierce creatures" since the public is so turned on by violence.

Then Willa Weston, a management whiz working for McCain, arrives to oversee the zoo operation. McCain's loony son Vince wants to win her heart with his own renovation of the zoo based on franchises, endorsements, and commercial tie-ins. The gamekeepers go ballistic when he installs an animatronic panda bear.

Fierce Creatures, directed by Robert Young and Fred Schepisi, is a rollercoaster ride of comic pranks. The cast's enthusiasm for this farce is visible on the screen: they all seem to be having a lark. Kevin Kline does double duty as the despicable mogul and his overshadowed son. John Cleese is very funny as the misunderstood Rollo Lee who is thought to be a lover of kinky sex. Jamie Lee Curtis is ebullient as Willa Weston, and Michael Palin plays a scientist who just can't stop blabbing.