There is within many of us a yearning to be more deeply connected with the natural world and part of a community that is closely bonded together. Such a desire is at the romantic heart of Last of the Dogmen, a film written and directed by Tab Murphy who scripted Gorillas in the Mist.

Tom Berenger stars as Lewis Gates, a tracker in Montana who comes upon the bodies of several escaped convicts along with a mysterious Cheyenne arrow. Lillian Sloan (Barbara Hershey), an anthropologist doing research on Native American cultures, tells him it is similar to the kind used by Cheyenne "dogmen" warriors; a small group of them disappeared shortly after the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864.

Could their descendants still be alive in the wilderness? Gates and Sloan head out into the wild country to find out. Although some will see Last of the Dogmen as a perfect vehicle for Indian wannabees, others will recognize it as a fine exploration of the desire that fuels many dreams of community.