In Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, twelve-year-old Jesse learns that he has an eight-year-old half-brother who is coming to live with him and his foster parents. Although Elvis is a fast talker he has very little to say about the death of their mother, and initially Jesse would just as soon have nothing to do with him.

During a family camping trip, Jesse is reunited with the whale he trained in Free Willy. His friend Randolph now has a whale spotting business and has located Willy in an orca pod with his mother, sister, and brother. The boy's relationship with this smart and sensitive giant impresses Randolph's teenage goddaughter Nadine. Everyone must pull together — including Elvis — after Willy and his family are put in peril when a tanker smashes into a reef and dumps oil into the bay.

Free Willy 2 is fine family entertainment laced with ecological ideals. The storyline challenges youngsters to cheer for the interdependence between animals and humans. Willy and Jesse deepen their friendship with mutual acts of heroism. The message of Free Willy 2 is that all creatures are fellow travelers and spiritual companions.

The DVD release includes a behind-the-scenes featurette, a Michael Jackson music video, and the theatrical trailers for all three Free Willy movies.