Gaby: A True Story is an unflinchingly honest and inspiring drama which celebrates one severely handicapped individual's fierce determination to succeed as a student, a lover, and a writer. Stricken with cerebral palsy, Gaby cannot speak, walk, or move her hands. The only functional limb of her body is her left foot. Living in a villa in Mexico, she receives the support of her loving parents and the assistance of her devoted nanny.

After learning how to type with her big toe, Gaby wins the right to attend a regular high school. Later she goes on to college to pursue her interest in writing. Rachel Levin displays a rainbow of emotions as Gaby, who spits in the face of tradition and rebels against those who would hold her back. Lawrence Monoson is affecting as her weak-willed handicapped friend who can't escape his mother's domination. Liv Ullman and Robert Loggia are convincing as Gaby's parents. Norma Aleandro is superb as her nurse and companion — a woman with deep reservoirs of patience and loyalty.

Director Luis Mandoki has said: "Gaby shows that by confronting our limitations and accepting them, we can continue growing." Don't miss this triumphant movie based upon the best-selling memoirs of Gabriela Brimmer!