This bright, buoyant comedy is directed by Richard Benjamin and set in 1963. Mrs. Flax and her two daughters, 15 year-old Charlotte and nine-year old Kate, are moving for the 18th time. They find a house in East Port, a small coastal town in Massachusetts. The sassy and sexy Mrs. Flax has come up with a system to handle men: love them and leave them before they can run out on you. This strategy of constant mobility works well for her but doesn't thrill her daughters who yearn for a more traditional family life. Kate, a pint-sized Esther Williams, quickly wows the new community by excelling on the grade school swim team. Her teenage sister is another story. Charlotte is in full scale rebellion against her mother's hedonism. She thinks she wants to be a nun, even though Mrs. Flax reminds her, they are Jewish. Charlotte reads "The Lives of the Saints," sets up a creche in her room, prays every day, and tries to keep her thoughts on a heavenly plane. However, when she meets Joe, a shy caretaker at a nearby convent, Charlotte soon finds her soul battling her libido in an internal civil war.