Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase are reunited on the screen in Seems Like Old Times, a delightful slapstick comedy. Goldie plays a liberal lawyer who likes to help out wayward crooks. One of them (T. K. Carter) doubles as her chauffer and a waiter at parties. Her household is confusing enough already with her outspoken Mexican maid (Yvonne Wilder) and a menagerie of untrained dogs. Then Chevy, her former husband, turns up. He's on the lam from the law after being forced by two hoods to rob a bank. This all happens just as her husband Ira (Charles Grodin) is about to entertain the governor, who wants to make Ira attorney general.

Seems Like Old Times is filled with madcap scenes and zany one-liners. The screen chemistry between Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase is spunky and effervescent; she's a lady who bumbles through her days, and he's a witty cad who creates disorder wherever he goes. Charles Grodin as Ira, with his penchant for reason and order, provides a comic counterpoint to both of them. Jay Sandrich's direction makes the most out of the farcical situations, and Neil Simon's script delivers plenty of guffaws.