In Stir Crazy, another very funny comedy, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor are teamed up again. They are sent to prison for a bank robbery they didn't commit. Director Sidney Poitier and screenplay writer Bruce Jay Friedman make the most of their comic predicament. Best scenes include the two trying to pretend they are "baaad" when in reality they are scared to death; Wilder exclaiming, after four days in solitary confinement, "Just one more day! I was just beginning to get into myself"; and the twosome orchestrating an escape plan which capitalizes on the warden's choice of Wilder to be their "main man" in a rodeo competition. Richard Pryor's nervous anxiety is a perfect foil for Wilder's waspish veneer of cool — together they provide a barrelful of laughs. Just for the record, Jobeth Williams puts in a vibrant brief performance as the woman lawyer who gives Wilder concrete evidence that the world outside the cell is a far better place than he ever believed.