The setting is Florida, 1954, a time when sexual intercourse was referred to salaciously, if at all. Bodies were battlegrounds, shooting games, scorecards.

When Patti Page purrs on the radio, all the young fellows at Angel Beach High School have nothing on their minds but sex. Pee Wee (Dan Monahan) desperately wants to get laid. His more experienced friends arrange several occasions for him to do so, including a prank encounter with Cherry Forever (Susan Clerk), a sexually savvy lady, and a trip to Porky's, a redneck sleaze joint built over a mangrove swamp.

Two very funny sequences — a gym teacher's (Boyd Gaines) pursuit of a horny colleague (Kim Cattrall), and a surprise encounter with a puritanical physical education teacher (Nancy Parsons) while several boys are peeking at naked girls through a hole in their shower wall — provide Porky's with a riotous slapstick foundation. Clark also includes within his survey of adolescence sex wars a glimpse of ethnic prejudice and class difference. The film is well-paced and unlike Animal House has a good-natured nimble view of its sex-starved and wayward youth.