Weddings bring out the best and the worst in us; they play upon our heart's different tunes. We go to the celebration to affirm two becoming one and yet deep within us a cynical voice is saying, get real, this will never work. These two responses are at the core of My Best Friend's Wedding,

After several disappointing character portraits in recent films, Julia Roberts is back on track in a beautifully delivered comic performance as Julianne Potter, a neurotic New York culinary guide writer who's desperately seeking love as she approaches 30. Her heart does somersaults of delight after Michael (Dermot Mulroney), an old flame, re-establishes contact with her. However, when he invites her to attend his wedding to Kimmy Wallace (Cameron Diaz), a Chicago heiress, her competitive instincts come fiercely alive. As Julianne sets out to tarnish the bride-to-be and to win over Michael's heart, she comes face-to-face with the more unsavory aspects of her own character.

Director P. J. Hogan spikes this romantic comedy with several smashing musical numbers and a rehearsal dinner that turns delirious when George (Rupert Everett), Julianne's gay editor and buddy, lifts everyone's spirits. This is the rare kind of film that will send you to the streets feeling giddy. True love does triumph and the cynical voice inside us is quelled by joy.