Pippi Longstocking is a spunky and entertaining animated feature film inspired by Astrid Lindgren's classic children's books. After many adventures all over the world, nine-year-old Pippi returns home when her father is lost at sea in a storm. She enjoys living on her own in the small Swedish village with her pet monkey and a faithful horse. Next door neighbors Tommy and Annika are amazed by Pippi's independent spirit. Then the village's self-appointed enforcer of morality, Mrs. Prysselius, decrees that this unruly and undisciplined girl should be put in a children's home. Using her incredible strength and her creativity, Pippi foils all attempts by two policemen to take her away. She even defends her home and a suitcase of gold coins from two thieves.

Animator Clive Smith directs this film that contains five songs celebrating Pippi's magical view of life and her buoyant respect for liberty. Children all over the world will delight in this nine-year-old heroine's triumph over the forces of repression. From start to finish Pippi Longstocking is an unbridled paean to joy.