In Picture Perfect Jennifer Aniston (TV's Friends) plays Kate Mosley, a smart and sassy 28-year-old New York advertising director whose mother (Olympia Dukakis) is pressuring her to get married. In addition, her boss (Kevin Dunn) refuses to promote her because he wants his top people to be rooted and settled down. Kate and Darcy (Illeana Douglas), her closest friend at work, come up with a scheme to solve these two problems — a fake fiance. Who is the lucky fellow? Nick (Jay Mohr), a Boston photographer she met at a wedding. Only trouble is that once she gets her promotion, Kate's colleague Sam (Kevin Bacon), thinking she's unavailable, puts the moves on her. And then the boss wants to meet her fiancF at a business dinner.

Glenn Gordon Caron directs this romantic comedy with a light touch that brings to the surface its breezy observations on sexual politics, being single, and office-related pressures. Picture Perfect is an amusing comedy.