We love to think that we are in charge of our destiny. But when synchronicity enters our lives, we are reminded that we are not the sole creators of our stories. In Excess Baggage Emily T. Hope (Alicia Silverstone) sets up a kidnapping scheme with a ransom demand of one million dollars just to get the attention of her wealthy self-absorbed father (Jack Thompson). However, the whole scheme goes awry when Vincent Roche (Benico Del Toro) steals her car. The idiosyncratic thief and the emotionally abused girl suddenly find themselves squaring off against two intrepid police detectives, two goons connected with the auto theft business, and Emily's uncle Ray (Christopher Walken), an ex-CIA assassin who works for her father.

Director Marco Brambilla keeps these characters interacting in a maze of plot developments which only serves to fuse Emily and Vincent closer together as the madness encircles them. This entertaining drama helps us see that meaningful coincidences join us with the right people just when we need each other the most.