Dan Aykroyd has a plum of a role as Doctor Detroit . He plays a mild-mannered, persnickety professor who teaches about medieval knights. Through a bizarre series of events, he assumes the persona of "Doctor Detroit," a wild and crazy wheeler-dealer in charge of a stable of prostitutes. Watching the twerp transform himself into a funky fellow is a real treat. Although the city's crime queen (Kate Murtaugh) tries to put him down and out of her territory, Doctor Detroit quickly improvises and acts the hero for the hookers.

Michael Pressman directs this sassy tale, which is based on a story by Bruce Jay Friedman, and gives Aykroyd ample room to make the most of the slapstick segments. In the end, the professor stretches his talents and becomes exactly what he always wanted to be — a chivalrous knight who helps the unfortunate whether they be straight-arrows or somewhat kinky.