Pascal picks up Viviane one night, makes love to her at his comfortable chalet, and the next morning brings his best friend Micky, a disk jockey, to see her. Micky, who is used to being asked to approve his buddy's women, is especially wary of this new one. She is so self-possessed and irresistible; he doubts she will stay around very long.

Since Pascal works in his ski shop during the day, Micky entertains Viviane by preparing breakfast. They talk and he slowly finds himself attracted to this free-spirited and emotionally accessible woman. She is committed to following the sexual imperatives of her heart and seduces him. Micky, however, is hesitant to betray his best friend. When he does, guilt rolls in like a dark cloud.

In My Best Friend's Girl, director Bertrand Blier (Get Out Your Handkerchiefs, Going Places and Beau Pere) explores the tangled emotional geometry of two men in love with the same woman. Isabelle Huppert is tantalizingly sexy as Viviane, a vagabond who knows how to handle men but isn't used to having them really care about her. Thierry Lhermitte is Pascal, a handsome man whose friend is a combination father figure and big brother. Coluche, a well-known French comedian, plays Micky, a melancholy, overweight man who, caught in the crossfire of love for Viviane and respect for Pascal, succumbs to a minor nervous breakdown. When Pascal secretly learns of the affair and Micky struggles to tell him about it, the drama slows down. The romantic and somewhat improbable ending will strike a familiar chord in devotees of French romantic comedies. Still, thanks to the charm of this threesome, this movie holds its own by comparison.