Alex and Erica Boyer live in the New York apartment where he grew up. They call it "The Nursery." He works in the family clothing business for two uncles. She is a freelance illustrator who is on crutches after being hit by a taxi.

Alex capitalizes on the situation by trying to pick up women he meets at an astronomy lecture. He feels in a rut at work and restricted by his relationship with Erica. When she begins home therapy with Lisa, a nurse, Alex is immediately attracted to the younger woman. She, in turn, is bored with her live-in lover, an actor named Kevin who gives all his attention to his work.

The major scene in the drama comes when all the characters — along with David and Maggie, two old friends of the Boyers — assemble for a dinner party. They talk about the sad state of affairs between men and women, voicing different opinions on the nature and meaning of sex, romance, commitment and love. David and Maggie, who have lived together for six years, are contemplating marriage. He is no idealist about long-term relationships, saying "All you have to do is smile a lot."

Adam Brooks directs this intimate comedy about one Yuppie couple's marital crisis with a light touch. Griffin Dunne is exasperating as Alex, a trapped young man who knows what he doesn't need anymore but has very little sense of what he really wants. Brooke Adams as Erica displays the fire and ire of a wife aware that her spouse views her more as an obstacle than an asset. And Karen Young conveys Lisa's surprise that she has enough sexual allure to make Alex and her jealous boyfriend (played by Marty Watt) vie for her love. Josh Mostel as David and Christine Estabrook as Maggie round out the cast. Almost You offers a slight but quite revealing glimpse of the confusion between the sexes in the 1980s.