Fifteen-year-old Marcus (Brendan Sexton III) lives with his barkeeper grandmother (Lynn Cohen) in lower Manhattan. His mother (Edie Falco) is in prison and his father is dead. Marcus and his band of friends engage in petty theft and hang out together at an underground clubhouse. Bothered by asthma and dogged by the police, he dreams of visiting an uncle out West where he was born. While his buddies plan a big heist, Marcus falls in love with Melena (Isidra Vega) who has her own prison to escape from — an abusive and possessive father (Shawn Elliott).

Hurricane Streets marks the feature film debut of writer and director Morgan J. Freeman. He has done a fine job orchestrating Marcus's coming of age and the obstacles he and Melena must face as they try to cement their destiny together. This gritty and compelling drama is essentially about the powerful role yearning plays in adolescent lives. It shows how our breathless desire enables us to overcome difficulties and to cross borders in search of new possibilities.