Writer-director Curtis Hanson’s The Bedroom Window is a thriller in the Hitchcock vein. Terry (Steve Guttenberg), a Yuppie executive, beds Sylvia (Isabelle Huppert), his boss’s sexy French wife, at his apartment. While he is in the bathroom, she witnesses a man assaulting a woman (Elizabeth McGovern) on the street. The next day, they learn that another woman down the block was raped and murdered — probably by the same man. Unwilling to expose their affair, Sylvia does not want to testify. But Terry, a Good Samaritan at heart, decides to serve the public good by passing himself off as the eyewitness.

Surprises abound in the story as Terry turns into an amateur detective, is embarrassed in court by a shrewd district attorney (Wallace Shawn), at last finds an ally in Denise, the waitress who was assaulted. Together they take on the malevolent killer. The twists and turns in this thriller make it nifty entertainment.