This film delves into an unusual get-together by Percy Shelley (Eric Stoltz), his lover Mary Godwin (Alice Krige), her half-sister Claire (Laura Dern), Lord Byron (Philip Anglim), and his companion, Dr. John Polidori (Alex Winter). During one summer, these poets and their admirers talk about evil, deride the conventional mores of the times, go sailing, smoke opium, and generally celebrate the imaginations and the life of the senses. Ivan Passer directs this beautifully photographed literary drama based on Anne Edward’s 1972 novel. In a very fluid and dreamlike way, Haunted Summer explores some of the dangers and a few of the exhilarations of living in an ivory tower world of art. Krige steals the film with her deft and nimble portrait of the woman who would eventually write Frankenstein.