This film offers a refreshing change of pace for the moviegoer who has had it with robotic heroes and urban dangers. Welcome to Australia in the 1860s where Quigley, a stoic sharpshooter from Wyoming, arrives to work for a British landowner. When the man reveals himself to be a racist killer, the American bows out of the job and finds himself abandoned in the desert to die with Crazy Cora, a woman deranged by grief over the death of her child. The two outsiders are saved by aboriginals. When the murders by the British landowner escalate, Quigley decides to pay back the natives who helped him. Quigley Down Under, directed by Simon Wincer, hits the mark with its mix of Western theatrics and cross-cultural insights. Tom Selleck is just right as Quigley, and Laura San Giacomo is delightful as Crazy Cora.