In this delightful and entertaining remake of The Absent-Minded Professor (1961), a Fred MacMurray vehicle, Robin Williams plays Phillip Brainard, a science professor at a university facing bankruptcy. His work on a special project is so time-consuming and so much fun that he fails to show up at the church for his wedding. His beloved, Sara Jean Reynolds (Marcia Gay Harden), is quite upset because he's left her standing at the altar three times!

Brainard's brainchild is flying rubber which he calls Flubber. This green goo loves movement and is able to put bounce into anything it comes in contact with. When the professor's rivals — another scientist (Christopher McDonald) and a greedy businessman (Raymond Barry) — try to steal Flubber, they are outwitted at every turn.

Another equally important creation of Brainard is Weebo, a pint-sized computer robot who is an ally in all his projects. When Weebo faces the final curtain, Brainard asks, "What happens to the soul of a machine?" It is this kind of playfulness that makes Brainard such an unforgettable and endearing character. Les Mayfield directs Flubber with just the right mix of slapstick and high tech wizardry.