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12 Devotion Formal devotions are as varied as the traditions from which they come. They can also be informal with the simple recognition that everything is linked to the Divine.
12 Empathy As a gateway to peace, empathy is surely the best start. When we can truly see ourselves in others, the golden rule becomes easy to follow.
12 Energy Boosters When you have run out of energy and are feeling draggy and depleted, check out these spiritual practices designed to boost your spirits and renew body, mind, and soul.
12 Enthusiasm Enthusiasm means "one with the energy of God." Let these 12 quotes on enthusiasm help you get back in touch with the energy of the divine within.
12 Faith You can see faith not as something you have but something you are in — a relationship. Like developing any relationship, faith takes practice. Take a leap into faith.
12 Forgiveness All traditions raise up the value of forgiveness, but many people still find it to be a nearly impossible ideal. Explore these different perspectives on forgiveness.
12 Generosity There are so many ways to be generous. View these inspiring examples and then see how many more you can come up with on your own.
12 Grace Like invisible rain, Grace washes over all of us without us having do to anything. Acceptance is all that's needed to engage in this spiritual practice.
12 Gratitude Religious teachings and scientific studies agree: feeling and expressing gratitude puts you on the path to happiness and contentment.
12 Hope Hope is an emotion, a passion, a prayer, and a verb. We find it in everyday life and unexpected places. Best of all, we can plant it ourselves.