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12 Hospitality Hospitality opens the door to strangers whether they be ideas, beliefs, or people, and welcomes them like old friends. Let these quotes help you open yourself.
12 Humility In these days of self-improvement and self-esteem programs, one spiritual quality we may overlook is humility — the practice of not putting ourselves first.
12 Humor Laughter is great medicine - so we've been told. Let these quotes tickle you into a lighter state of mind.
12 Imagination A rich inner resource available to everyone, imagination offers fuel for our human and spiritual journeys. Let your imagination take flight with these inspiring quotes.
12 Joy Rejoice and be exceedingly glad! That's the assignment. And the first step is to expand your sense of what it means to be joyful. Let these 12 quotes on joy help you.
12 Justice None of us is free until all of us are free. That's why justice is demanded in all religions. These inspiring quotes apply justice to a whole range of relationships.
12 Kindness As the summer heats up, tempers can flare so take a few minutes to cool down and be reminded of the virtues of kindness.
12 Letting Go It's not what we can obtain but what we let go of that can immensely serve us in our spiritual growth. Turn over your control and release yourself to these quotes.
12 Listening Listening takes practice and acts as a bridge to our world. Strengthen your powers of listening not just with your ears but also with your heart.
12 Love Love is both a feeling and a capacity we all share. The first step: recognizing love when we see it. Let this gallery remind us of the many ways love manifests.