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12 Meaning The search for meaning often defines spirituality. But how do we find meaning? Or do we make it? The wisdom traditions tell us we do both — as these quotes reflect.
12 Miracles Surprisingly ordinary and yet always awe-inspiring, here are ways to look for miracles every day and every where.
12 Nurturing The often missing piece in spiritual practice is self-care. Tending our own needs allows us to better tend to those of others. Take comfort with these views on nurturing.
12 Openness "Go with the flow," "free spirit," and "beginner's mind" are just a few phrases that speak to openness. Keeping our minds, hearts, and spirits open takes practice.
12 Passion An intense emotion or a desire for something are definitions of passion. Yet it's so much more: Passion is like a kaleidoscope of fiery colors swirling from our hearts.
12 Patience Oh so challenging, but oh so worth it, there are opportunities to practice patience all day, everyday. Watch the sands fall as you discover your patience.
12 Peace Peace — inner and outer — is the goal of all spiritual people. It is an inner state of well-being and calm. Peace within ourselves helps bring peace to the world.
12 Play Yea, let's play!
12 Questing Questers venture into the unknown, confront difficulties and dangers, and return home with new understandings. Explore how you are called to make a pilgrimage.
12 Reverence Reverence is the way of radical respect. Allow yourself to be moved beyond words.