Overcoming prejudice is not something that happens overnight. We first need to build up an awareness of what our own personal prejudices are before we can tackle them. Some of them will be obvious to us, others will need greater awareness. Use the following steps to help combat prejudice.

1. Make a genuine resolution to stop putting others down. Be aware, for instance, of a tendency to make disparaging or sarcastic remarks.

2. Acknowledge that making an enemy is a state of mind. Negative thinking will often lead to negative actions.

3. Transform the arrogance of superiority to awareness of interconnection. In the end, we are all subject to the human condition and need to help each other.

4. Become attuned to typical conditioned reactions and look for guidance and understanding from others to change your mind-set.

5. Listen to the kind inner voice rather than the hardened one. The positive voice may be submerged, but by being patient you will eventually hear it.

Christopher Titmuss in Transforming Our Terror