Sense the places in your life where your heart begins to contract with envy, resentment, or judgment. Perhaps you support a sports team who loses against a rival team. Can you celebrate their delight in their win, appreciate their skills and their happiness? Perhaps you hear someone speak of an exhilarating inner experience they've had. Can you celebrate their delight rather than being lost in envy? A friend succeeds in winning a job you coveted. Can you celebrate their happiness with them rather than a contracting in envy?

Take some moments to reflect upon the blessings in your own life — having a healthy body, or even the inner balance to embrace ill health without fear, having enough to eat, shelter, life itself. Reflect on those people who care for and love you, those who are attentive to your needs and who support you. Reflect on being able to live a life not overshadowed by deprivation, terror, or violence.

Take some moments to reflect on your own capacity to care for others, to attend to their needs and to find compassion and generosity in your own heart.

Sense deeply the places of ease and happiness that are woven within the fabric of your life. Let appreciation fill your heart and mind.

Christina Feldman in Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Calm