• Look for chances to turn life into a festival of unplanned play. A friend likes to turn on his favorite dance music rather loud (like a disco), grab a broom, and dance on his balcony after a long hard day.
  • Create small adventures. For example, try varying your routines such as the route you take to work. One executive commutes on his bike, often stopping for coffee in some new neighborhood where he meets new people. He says he arrives at work feeling refreshed.
  • Take an unpleasant obligation and turn it into something creative. A woman friend with a chronic illness uses her waiting time in the doctor's office to write small poems and songs to fight off bad vibes. The first was about the waiting room, and she liked it enough to give it to her doctor. After that, he took much more interest in her.
Alan Jones in Seasons of Grace by Alan Jones, John O'Neil