In the center of your being lives God: Father, Son, and Spirit. Centering prayer allows you to experience His presence and be touched and transformed by Him.

Simply sit, relaxed and quiet, enjoying your own inner calm and silence. For a few minutes, listen to His presence and allow yourself to be touched by it.

After a time, perhaps a single word will come: Jesus, Lord, Love, or any word that captures your response to His inner presence. Place into this word all your faith, your love, as you enter more and more deeply into Him. Slowly and effortlessly, repeat your word. Allow it to lead you more and more deeply into God's presence at the center of your being, where you are in God and God in you. Surrender to His re—freshment and re—creation.

Center all your attention and desire on Him, leaving your faculties at peace, allowing Him to draw you into His perfect prayer of adoration, love, and praise. Let it happen. Whenever you become aware of any thoughts or images, simply return to your word.

In coming out of prayer, move slowly to silent awareness and then a conscious interior prayer, such as Our Father, savoring the words and meaning, entering into them.

The centering prayer may be used once or twice daily for twenty minutes or more.

If you are faithful to it, you will soon discern in your life the maturing of the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, and kindness.

You shall be truly abiding in Him and He in you.

M. Basil Pennington, Thomas Keating, Thomas E. Clark in Finding Grace at the Center