Prayer is the simplest and most natural way to communicate with the Divine. Prayer is the heart speaking. There are the prescribed prayers, the rituals of inner communion. But there are also our personal prayers, our way of being with the Sacred that is our deepest nature and that of the world around us. In whatever way we are drawn to pray, there is a pressing need at this time of global crisis to include the earth, the whole of creation, in our prayers.

For the mystic the deepest form of personal prayer is the prayer of the heart, in which we are drawn from the mind down into our heart where we are able to be alone with our Beloved. Here our heart cries out to God, and here we also rest in silence, waiting, listening, being receptive to love.

In this place of prayer there is the simple practice of imagining the world as a living being within our hearts when we inwardly offer our self to the Divine. We remember the sorrow and suffering of the world in our hearts, and ask that that the world be remembered, that divine love and mercy flow where it is needed. That even though we continue to treat the world so badly, divine grace will help us and help the world — help to bring the earth back into balance. We pray that the Divine of which we are all a part can redeem and heal this beautiful and suffering world.

PRAYER by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
from Working with Oneness.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee