Some of us "sweat our prayers." If you are a person who walks in the morning or evening, try this form of bodily prayer. With each step, envisage God's healing light radiating through your body from your head to the soles of your feet. As you experience the Divine Light, proclaim an affirmation for each part of your body, such as:

• God's light fills my mind and gives me clarity.
• My immune system is strong and effective.
• My heart is strong and healthy.
• My blood pressure is sound and regular,
• God's light brings health to my reproductive system and my sexual activity.
• God is healing my (Name a particular part of your body) so I can serve and bless others in health and wholeness.

We proclaim our original wholeness by bringing Divine grace to every bodily activity, from sexuality and birth, to family meals and a child's first steps, to the hug of a friend and a lover's kiss.

Bruce G. Epperly, Lewis D. Solomon in Mending the World