Prayer of Surrender inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux

Assume a position of prayer. Close your eyes and open your hands and surrender your life to God's mercy. You know what it is you need to surrender, but it is hard to let go of it. Don't be discouraged. The repeated handing over to God in prayer will work its own miracle.

One way to effect this surrender is to repeat, as a mantra, your deepest desire. For example, "God, my God, I want to be filled with you." After each uttering of this mantra, pause and let whatever objections, reservations, qualifications, excuses, etc. rise to the surface of your consciousness. Then resume: "God my God, I want to be filled with you." Repeat this process for as long as your prayer time lasts.

What is important in this prayer is perseverance in the words and gestures of surrender. Real gestures such as opening your hands, or symbolic gestures of opening your soul, are both important. As St. Therese says succinctly in a letter to her sister Leonie, "I assure you that God is even kinder than you think. He is satisfied with a look, a sign of love."

Jon M. Sweeney in The Lure of Saints