Ben Campbell Johnson speaks of learning to "pray with our lives." He suggests a basic process to "integrate the life of prayer into the ordinary events and decisions of everyday life."

Gather the Day. Identify the ten or twelve major events of your day, including prayer, particular conversations, meetings, meals, work, and other activities. List them.

Review the Day. Reflect upon each occurrence listed, without judging yourself, avoiding feelings, or making excuses. This is the actual substance of your daily life.

Give Thanks for the Day. Thank God for each part of your day, for your life, and for God's presence in the midst of it.

Confess Your Sin. Acknowledge your faults in thought, word, and deed toward God, your neighbor, and yourself (you might add the creation, too).

Seek the Meaning of the Events. Reflect on the larger significance of each event in your life, asking such questions as, What is God saying to me? What am I being called to do? How is this connected to the rest of my life? Write down what comes to mind.

Marjorie J. Thompson in Soul Feast